Monday, August 22, 2011

Australia’s First Five Second Turbo Car

MRE Customer, Rob Campisi, Australia’s first five second turbo car, runs 5.97 @ 254mph last night during testing. Rob Campisi, a long time MRE customer, recently decided to have Mike Moran call all the shots from his Taylor, MI based business in his quest to be the first Australian turbo car in the fives.

Campisi stated that they were running consistently in the 6.20’s with Moran’s consulting, but still were unable to reach that elusive 5.00 second barrier. With Rob’s competition slowly but surely making strides to cross that 5.00 line themselves, Campisi decided to call in Moran for his online remote tuning services. Last night, Campisi finally joined Mike in being the first to reach that 5 second barrier.

Turbo failure was a major obstacle for Campisi during the last couple weeks. He was breaking turbos every run and only yielding a best of 6.06@246. Moran had Campisi switch over to a new set of Garrett turbos. On the first run, the new Garrett’s showed to have more power and Campisi had to abort the pass due to tire spin. The next run, Mike then tuned for the increase in power and Campisi finally crossed that 5.0 second barrier.

Craig Burns of SCF Race Cars in Australia has been modifying Rob’s car with Moran’s consulting on modification specs after a recent wreck. Moran worked closely with Craig to change several things on the car - engine location, moving weight around and setting up the rear suspension for a 5 second run. Rob Campisi even went so far as to “borrow” Moran’s new mustang paint rendering.

CV Performance’s Con, Vick and Bill also consulted with Moran on engine changes and upgrades.

Moran Motorsports congratulates Rob Campisi and his entire crew for their history making accomplishment!