Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mike Moran's 3700HP Chevy profile at

Mike Moran's 3700HP Big-Block Chevy has a great article breaking down Mike Moran's Twin-Turbo Big-Block Chevy.

"C. Injectors Since nobody made injectors that could flow 600 pounds per hour, Moran had to design and build them himself. He says the learning curve was expensive and enormously time consuming, but the result is injectors that are constantly being upgraded as he learns more about the dynamics of fuel pressures above 90 psi and boost pressures in the high 20s. Keep in mind that as manifold pressure increases, fuel pressure should also increase in a 1:1 relationship. But Moran has learned that the theory doesn't always hold true. "At the pressures I'm working with, it's more like 1.5:1," he says."

For complete descriptions on the EFI, intake, long-block, ignition, and turbochargers, read the full article at