Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mike Moran's record breaking run from

Mike Moran's record breaking '99 Monte Carlo
"While the feat is impressive, doorslammer aficionados who follow closely should not be surprised. Moran along with longtime partners Bart Lemieux and Gordie Sprosek (MSL Racing) have a history of lighting up the scoreboards. The combo yielded a 6.11 @ 246 in Las Vegas in ’08 & an “oh so close” 6.01 @ 250.88 at the The Clash of The Titans event in Houston. “It’s not as if we made a huge jump in performance on this pass, we just successfully got the car lined out & the numbers bear that out” stated Moran. “The tuning window is so narrow on this car, but we hit the right set-up on this one.”"  Read the full article on Mike's first run in the 5's over at