Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Rod Magazine profiles Mike Moran's first run in the 5's

From the October 2009 issue of Hot Rod Magazine:

"Mike Moran is a man possessed. There is no other reason he would spend five years of his life chasing 0.300 of a second. This story is a follow-up to the one titled "I Will Run 5s" in the Oct. '04 issue of HOT ROD (page 54), which cataloged Mike's racing life up to that point and his chase to pilot the first turbocharged door-slammer through the quarter-mile in 5 seconds. At that time, Mike's car had run 6.27 seconds in the quarter and he felt close enough to the record to talk about it in HOT ROD. To cut to the chase, Mike recently achieved his goal: piloting his 3,700hp, twin-turbo, 572ci Monte Carlo door-slammer through the traps at the Spring Open at Valdosta Dragway in Valdosta, Georgia, at an astonishing 5.97 seconds at 251 mph.

Said Mike after the feat, "Well, it has been a battle for many, many years-but I knew we could do it. I need to thank a lot of businesses that have helped me over the years and all the guys who have supported me over the years, some since our street racing days almost 20 years ago. We set a ridiculous record. I'm glad we got it done and look forward to our next challenge.""

Click here for more pictures of Mike Moran's '99 Monte Carlo and the full article.

Mike Moran's 3700HP Chevy profile at

Mike Moran's 3700HP Big-Block Chevy has a great article breaking down Mike Moran's Twin-Turbo Big-Block Chevy.

"C. Injectors Since nobody made injectors that could flow 600 pounds per hour, Moran had to design and build them himself. He says the learning curve was expensive and enormously time consuming, but the result is injectors that are constantly being upgraded as he learns more about the dynamics of fuel pressures above 90 psi and boost pressures in the high 20s. Keep in mind that as manifold pressure increases, fuel pressure should also increase in a 1:1 relationship. But Moran has learned that the theory doesn't always hold true. "At the pressures I'm working with, it's more like 1.5:1," he says."

For complete descriptions on the EFI, intake, long-block, ignition, and turbochargers, read the full article at

Moran Racing Engines shop profile has a great shop profile on MRE.

"When we stopped by for a visit, Moran was fine-tuning his cutting edge Fuel Injector Dyno. While it might resemble an oversized flow bench, Moran has built it to push the edge in fuel injection design and technology. The dyno features an engine control unit that allows Moran’s customers to send him run logs that can be reproduced on the injector dyno. Fuel pressure on the dyno is not a problem as it features a Waterman racing fuel pump with plenty of power and flow capacity."

For the full article and more pictures, head over to's full shop profile.

Mike Moran's record breaking run from

Mike Moran's record breaking '99 Monte Carlo
"While the feat is impressive, doorslammer aficionados who follow closely should not be surprised. Moran along with longtime partners Bart Lemieux and Gordie Sprosek (MSL Racing) have a history of lighting up the scoreboards. The combo yielded a 6.11 @ 246 in Las Vegas in ’08 & an “oh so close” 6.01 @ 250.88 at the The Clash of The Titans event in Houston. “It’s not as if we made a huge jump in performance on this pass, we just successfully got the car lined out & the numbers bear that out” stated Moran. “The tuning window is so narrow on this car, but we hit the right set-up on this one.”"  Read the full article on Mike's first run in the 5's over at

Rod Saboury's Moran Powered '63 Corvette in Super Chevy Mag

Rod Saboury in the January issue of Super Chevy:

"At Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH, Saboury laid down an UNBELIEVEABLE pass in his Moran Racing Engines powered twin-turbo 1963 Corvette..."

Check out more pictures and the complete article here.